I’ve been thinking. All this writing is very time consuming. I’m good at it – pretty awesome, actually – and it pays well, but I don’t have time for much of anything else. I tried to think about different ways to lessen my workload while still paying the bills, and it came to me that a lot of SEOs would pay big bucks to know exactly what I did as a quality rater for Google.

My NDA with Google was over 30 pages long, but I think I’ve found some wiggle room. I’m accepting private bids for a one-day session with me to go over the quality rater guidelines, the types of projects I did, and how I find it so funny that everyone is chuckling over the news about longer snippets for long-tail queries, since I’ve been calling them snippets in my head for three years now.

Am I having a crisis of ethics? Nah. Just a spur-of-the-moment, late-to-the-game, hopefully obvious April Fools prank.

3 thoughts on “Former Google Quality Rater Spills Google Secrets to Highest Bidder”
  1. *sssshhhhh* You should wait until all the bids are in, tell everyone they were the highest bidder, wait till the dosh is in your PayPal account, THEN spill the beans.

    Oh wait. That was a morality crisis too, wasn’t it? 😀

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