I just received this fantastic email:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Federal Republic of Nigeria

Ref: An Open Letter To All Scam Victims,

If you have sent money to Nigeria in the course of getting one fund or the other it means you have been scammed because those funds will surely not get to you, you are required to send your NAME and ADDRESS to us for verification and after verification if truly you have sent money to Nigeria in the course of getting one fund or the other that means you have been scammed and you will be reimbursed with the sum of twenty thousand dollars only.

Twenty thousand dollars each will be transferred to every scam victims. The funds were deposited at Citibank Nigeria Limited (Citi Nigeria) by the Federal Government of Nigeria in care of Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to compensate every scam victims.The transfer will be handled by Citibank Nigeria Limited (Citi Nigeria) as instructed by the Federal Government of Nigeria so you do not need to pay any transfer fee or whatsoever and the funds have also been insured to avoid unnecessary deductions.

Send your name and address for verification to: mfa.gov.nig2011@hotmail.com

***The means of verification is via Western Union and MoneyGram***

Please do not respond to email which asks you to send your username and password for any reason.

Please note that we have never held any scam victims compensation program in Nigeria. This is the First-Of-Its-Kind. Do not be deceived!

Yours sincerely,
Miss. Eyonu Caleb (Public Relations Officer)
Oversea Communication Department
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Nigeria
We sincerely apologies for all the damages you must have gone through in the hand of Nigerian fraudsters. We are Projecting favorably the image of the government and people of Nigeria locally and internationally through a proactive mechanism (in line with global best practices) of informing, enlightening and educating Nigerians and the International Community about Nigeria.

So this particular scam is based on a fake apology for people who have fallen for actual Nigerian scams. My favorite part is the Hotmail address supposedly in use by the Nigerian government for this “new program.” This scam only solicits name and address, although the future means of “verifying” whether or not you’ve been scammed before is suspect. I’m sure that giving these people your contact information will forever have you put on their Sucker List, and you will forever be receiving various attempts to scam you out of your money.

The bad English makes me twitch, too.

One thought on “The Nigerian Government Apologizes for Scams?”
  1. Does this mean I’m not getting those millions from the various deposed Nigerian princes who needed my help sneaking out millions of dollars? I guess I should have been suspicious after the 50th prince contacted me. Oh well, at least I can retire on my winnings from those 30 international lotteries I won last week. 😉

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