It’s been one week since I launched my new business, and I can’t believe I’m booked for the next month! Crazy, right? I’ve got a few requests for content hanging out there, and it kills me that I’ve had to turn work away.

So I’m going to talk with some business type people for some advice on how this works. I know that I need to file a d/b/a, and I should talk to an accountant… And then I’ll be looking into adding another writer or two to help me out with the writing. (I’ll still do final edits on all work, because it’s still my name and reputation we’re talking about here.)

This is still all in the “idea” phase… But I wanted to let everyone know what I’m working on. So if you were one of the people who was disappointed to hear I was booked, maybe you can be slightly less disappointed now.

I’ll make an official post when everything is in place.

P.S. I’ll be contacting writers individually. I have specific people in mind based on the content requests I’ve received already.

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