Despite the fact that it’s just a pretty piece of paper right now, I do hold a Master’s degree in Psychology… and the study is fascinating to me. So I was intrigued by TweetPsych when it first appeared in my tweet stream.

I ran a TweetPsych report on myself @ChristinaGayle – and here is how it analyzed me:

Cognitive Content

  1. Present tense
  2. Self reference
  3. Social processes
  4. Negative emotions
  5. Tentative
  6. Occupation & work
  7. Past tense
  8. Money

Primordial, Conceptual and Emotional Content

  1. Social behavior
  2. Abstract thought
  3. Constructive behaviors
  4. Moral imperative
  5. Aggression
  6. Restraint
  7. General Sensation
  8. Temporal References

I suppose it might have been different had I not just gone on about worker exploitation and such when I ran the analysis, but it’s still fairly true to what I’ve been tweeting about.

What does TweetPsych have to say about you?

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