If you’re recently self-employed like I am, you may have somehow forgotten that your quarterly estimated taxes are due tomorrow. And it’s not like when you file your tax return in April… this isn’t a postmark deadline. This is a “we need your check in our hand” deadline.

Oh snap.

If you’ve properly enrolled with the IRS to make your payments online at EFTPS.gov, you’re all set. (For your federal taxes, at least… You’re on your own for your state and local taxes.) Or if you’re like me, you enrolled with your EIN instead of your SSN, and you can’t make a 1040-ES payment as a business entity.

[insert angry noises here]

There’s still hope! You can pay your taxes RIGHT NOW at Pay1040.com, a service of H&R Block. I paid both my federal and my state taxes through their Web site. So they can’t penalize me for being late. [thumbs nose at IRS] I was charged a $3.95 convenience fee for both tax payments – the same amount for the hundreds I paid the state and the thousands I paid the IRS. It’s a better deal than you get when you e-file your tax return in April.

So pay your taxes NOW.

I have not been compensated for writing this post in any way, shape, or form. I am just very pleased that I could use this service to avoid getting a penalty for a late payment on my estimated taxes.

2 thoughts on “How to Pay Estimated Taxes – By Tomorrow”
  1. Hi Christina-

    There’s another way to pay the IRS for your estimated taxes online. It’s called Easy Estimated Taxes. The reason I know is because it’s a company I started after years of being frustrated by the existing option that you mentioned: EFTPS as well as the traditional paper voucher system (yuck!).

    What’s cool about our product is that you can calculate how much you owe as well as track your payments from past quarters. Lastly, you get email reminders before the deadline so you don’t forget.

    I encourage you and your users to check it out.

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