Wow, that didn’t take long! In addition to hundreds of unique visitors to my brand new Web site yesterday – which is quite literally brand new because I set up my nameservers on Monday night and got my hosting settled on Tuesday – I’ve already been unmasked as a superhero!

Dude, I’m a superhero? Awesome!

But seriously, I appreciate the amount of publicity you guys have given me, and the free press!

Twitter’s gone a bit crazy, too, and my inner diva is loving it.

chiropractic: @ChristinaGayle Great to see your mood is upbeat. looks great and I suspect many good things will come.

lorenbaker: @ChristinaGayle I’m really happy for you and hope that this unforeseen event will be one of the best things to ever happen to you!

professor: RT @streko just contracted @christinagayle for some blog postings – don’t sleep on this one people!

vinceblackham: I just scored me a slice of @ChristinaGayle…her writing services, that is! You should too!!

pmctosh: RT @ChristinaGayle: It’s official! ME: like the phoenix folks, she’s risen up from the ashes. Congrats.

godhammer: If you deal in online + content + marketing & don’t know, follow, and immediately try to hire @ChristinaGayle, you’re missing out huge.

EclecticBird: @ChristinaGayle I think I’m going to have to beg you to teach me how to freelance for myself 🙂 Hire yourself out as a guru.

godhammer: @ChristinaGayle You rock. @pearsonified @copyblogger You guys paying attention? She rocks. Period.

SoCaliScribes: @ChristinaGayle GIRL you didn’t waste NO time!

TheKenJones: @ChristinaGayle It’s also nice to see pictures of you without the secret agent sunglasses 😉

ReTweetTrends: (expand) formerly known as quality gal, @christinagayle is now open for writing and content creation business

TheKenJones: The Artist Formerly Known As QualityGal @ChristinaGayle is now available for freelance work at Pls RT

joehall: @ChristinaGayle where can i get a quote?

yummyman: @ChristinaGayle I love the site, nice job, great photos and nice layout. I am excited for you.

…And that’s just going back 8 pages in Twitter search, after I launched the site. This doesn’t include the hundreds of supportive tweets I got in the 24 hours before that. It does wonders for my self-esteem when people I look up to and respect in the industry not only acknowledge my existence (which was a surprise in many cases – yeah, I have self-esteem issues) but rally behind me!

Have you blogged about me lately? Let me know so I can keep track and share with the rest of the class. Google blog search isn’t being very forthcoming, as it didn’t even turn up the superhero piece for me. Link me, baby!

6 thoughts on “Christina Gleason – Superhero?”
  1. You ROCK! I figured you’d be swamped with offers before the last job could begin to regret losing you (and they will). Love the pic AND the website [::]

  2. WOW! That is soooooo amazing!! And it was like you were the ‘masked wonder’ for a while. But being that I have my own internet persona…I understood =]

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